River / Río (English Version) from natalia castañeda on Vimeo.

‘River’ a solo exhibition at Terpel PH Building with Nueveochenta Gallery. Bogotá,

Colombia. 2013.

The Anthropocene is a term that serves to describe the current geological period in Earth’s history. During this stage, human activity has had a significant global impact on the transformation of the planet, similar to those from natural phenomena.

”Rio” proposes a full cycle of creation and transformation of a terrain, a scale-space representation warning about the mankind’s impact on the landscape.

This artwork is composed by numerous plaster droplets that hardens to stone followed by a Drawing intervention from the public. As collective creation where the material forms the riverbed and the drawing strokes return fluidity to the river.

At the end of the show, this piece is offered to the natural cycle of change, to the time that transforms matter. The river becomes the ground for walking reflecting the power of transformation in mankind’s progress

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