This book contains a visual narrative of cinematic atmosphere. Photographs of the waste and treasures of the city that became the scenario of a fiction, the place where an illusion towards New York is projected together to a loving longing. This book of photographs intervened with paint recreates a new futuristic iconography, as an evidence of a symbolic search.

The structure of the book provides a spatial and temporal reading of correspondences, in which the reader can come and go through their images, arranging meetings that end up complementing them.

Natalia Castañeda Arbelaez author of this book, is looking through her work to expand the limits of painting and drawing to other media, in order to immerse the viewer in unexpected encounters with the landscape. Images from the book “Beloved Future” were taken during her stay in NY in the summer of 2012. This journey was inspired by the lyrics of a salsa song by Gran Combo de Puerto Rico: “Si te quieres divertir, con encanto con primor, solo tienes que vivir un verano en Nueva York” (“If you want to have fun, with charm and love, you just have to live a summer in New York”). The search for the cliché, the idea of a summer in New York, will have an inadvertently outcome in the form of a cold image of disappointment, which through a futuristic appearance reconstructs a new personal imagery over the place.

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