From an early age i understood the impossibility of capturing the intensity of natural light  from an opaque medium, like painting, this mild  frustration has led  my way, in an exercise of loyalty or even  persistency  against the difficulty of the attempt.

With my friend Julia, in Mexico City, Through correspondence, we shared a recording of actions of a phenomenon: The sunrise and sunset visible from different latitudes. In a simple and poetic routine we approached the unique scene that the sky offers from different coordinates, in a simultaneous exchange of present atmospheres.

In this short moment of changing,  between darkness and light, the red colour can be  seen in the sky in a transition that seems magical. Just at the beginning or the end of the day,  sunlight passes through its longest path, dispersing  short blue electromagnetic waves ,   leaving the longest orange and red, entering our eyes. This transition makes the reds from dawn and dust  as the thread that connects the night with the day, on the promise that in the cycle of time they won’t separated, in the certainty that fate is written day by day.

This joint action created a commitment , a bond of responsibility through affection, where my curiosity for  oracular skies from the Mayan tradition , served as a reference for  pictorial interpretation. That failed attempt  of capturing  the intensity of light through  painting , became a fluid response to abstract the incessant movement that is registered from the time , as the light in front our eyes,  so in  this way , we can reaffirm our bonding with the present.

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